LANDTECH Soil Testing Services


One of the first steps taken in the design process for any new building or property development project is to investigate, test and assess the soils present where the proposed project will be located.

Whether for an existing property or a parcel of recently purchased land, many property owners mistakenly assume that an existing survey or town map will provide sufficient information to determine the existence of a wetland and its boundaries. This often leads to inaccurate, costly and time-consuming decisions, delays and rejections during the application and permitting process.

This is one of the reasons why wetland soil testing is so important. A certified Professional Soil Scientist is the only professional with the required training and expertise to correctly determine if a wetland exists, to accurately assess its boundaries, and prepare the required reports and maps needed.

Everything Starts with Testing the Soil

Testing the soil is the first step in helping a soil scientist to gather the needed information. Soil samples may be collected at any time of the year, provided that the area is not covered in snow or contains frozen soil.

A soil test not only determines if a wetland is present on the property, but also what type of wetland is present, which is critical in understanding which local and state wetland regulations may apply.

The way soil samples are taken is also extremely important. The resulting report and recommendations made can only be as good as the samples taken. Hiring a Professional Soil Scientist in Connecticut, Rhode Island or New York will ensure that soil samples are collected properly, as well as determining if there are any other external factors that may affect the samples and their assessment.

Knowing the Rules and Regulations

Not only does a property owner or developer need to know if wetlands are present on the property, and how large an area needs to be protected, but careful professional guidance is critical to navigate the maze of rules and regulations that may apply.

Soil Scientists in Connecticut, New York State and Rhode Island know that many municipalities, towns and cities have extensive wetland regulations. To make matters even more confusing, local and state rules, regulations and requirements can vary widely between locales (and even contradict each other).

Soil Testing for Wetland Surveys

Many soil tests are requested because a given project requires a wetlands survey. Using a soil scientist simplifies this process, because an experienced soil scientist can test and mark the property as needed, as well as prepare a formal certification report and mapping needed to get through the regulatory, permitting and approvals process.

When testing confirms there is a wetland present on the property, the scientist marks the boundary for the property owner. A formal certification report is issued which can then be used during the permitting process. If no wetlands are found on the property the property owner is notified and this finding is declared in the official report.

Engaging a soil scientist to administer these soil tests is the crucial starting point for understanding the wetland on any given property, and how it might affect planning and development.



LANDTECH is a full-service engineering firm providing concept-to-completion services including soil testing by a certified Connecticut Professional Soil Scientist as well as property feasability assessments, land surveying, environmental planning, site planning and civil engineering, structural engineering and beginning-to-end management of the permitting and approvals process for all applicable governmental boards, committees and agencies.