Soil Scientist qualified for State of Connecticut Inland Wetlands and Watercourses


Hiring a Soil Scientist

Wetland boundaries must be assessed by a credentialed Connecticut Professional Soil Scientist (ideally, one who is also a Professional Wetland Scientist). These professionals have specialized training and the necessary experience to perform extensive soil testing that leads to the creation of a detailed and complete wetland impact analysis that meets the requirements of all pertinent local, state and federal authorities.

LANDTECH’s Professional Soil Scientist in Connecticut is Senior Associate Christoper P. Allan. Chris is also a Professional Wetland Scientist.

The Process

LANDTECH Senior Associate Chris Allan typically begins each project by first consulting with the client to determine project needs. He will schedule an onsite visit, inspect the site’s characteristics and perform a soil test. These tests include extracting augured soil cores which are reviewed for signs of wetland soil. During site visit, boundaries of identified wetland are flagged. This is followed up with a formal report that includes mapping of wetland. The report and map are then used during the permitting process for each project. If we determine that there is no wetland or watercourse in evidence, our report will certify this as well.

About Connecticut’s Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act (IWWA)

In 1972, recognizing the importance of inland wetlands and watercourses, Connecticut’s legislature enacted the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act (IWWA). This act defines Connecticut “wetlands” as land consisting of soil types designated as poorly drained, very poorly drained, alluvial, and floodplain. These designations follow guidelines estabished by the National Cooperative Soils Survey.

Connecticut “watercourses” are defined as rivers, streams, brooks, waterways, lakes, ponds, drainage swales, and all other bodies of water, natural or artificial, vernal or intermittent, public or private. Watercourse regulations vary from location to location. Properly evaluating a particular property for wetland soil or watercourses is one of the first and most important steps of any project. Since the Connecticut IWWA uses a soil-based definition of wetland, a Professional Soil Scientist is needed to determine and delineate such wetland.

LANDTECH is a full-service engineering firm providing concept-to-completion services including soil testing by a certified and credentialed Connecticut Professional Soil Scientist as well as property feasability assessments, land surveying, environmental planning, site planning and civil engineering, structural engineering and beginning-to-end management of the permitting and approvals process for all applicable governmental boards, committees and agencies.