LANDTECH Environmental Science-Fairfield Metro Center wetlands

LandTech Environmental Science and Engineering


The LANDTECH team includes experts in wetlands, soil science, biology and the environmental sciences. We provide state-of-the-art solutions to problems within tidal and flood hazard zones, stormwater treatment, wetlands preservation, mitigation and management, erosion control, and other critical factors involved in planning and development in environmentally sensitive areas.

We live here, too…

white heron flying over wetlandsMembers of LANDTECH’s staff have devoted themselves to decades of study and certification in the environmental sciences, but in the final analysis, this is our home, where we have raised families. Each member of LANDTECH feels a deep commitment to preserve our natural environment and remediate problems we encounter, to insure the beauty and sanctity of our surroundings for generations to come.

State-of-the-art technologies

Our environmental engineers and scientists strive constantly to be informed and educated on the most current technologies evolving world-wide that can help address problems inherent in managing tidal and flood zones, stormwater pollution, wetlands creation and mitigation, erosion control and dozens of other critical environmental factors that are involved in planning and development.

LANDTECH Environmental Science-Vernal PoolsFrom large complex ecological projects such as restoration of coastal habitats and the creation of acres of wetlands, to wetland delineation and permitting for homeowner site improvements, LANDTECH has a reputation for getting the job done. LANDTECH’s in-house staff consists of Professional Wetland Scientists, Professional Soil Scientists, Certified Ecologists, biologists and environmental scientists who can provide comprehensive solutions to a wide array of projects.

Our Environmental Services


Inland & coastal wetlands:

  • Boundary delineations for state, federal and tidal wetlands
  • Functions and values assessments
  • Impact assessments
  • Restoration & Mitigation Planning
  • Wetland Creation
  • Restoration and Enhancement Plans
  • Construction Specifications and Monitoring
  • Vernal Pool Evaluations
  • landtech tidal wetland restoration - phase fourNatural Resources Management

Natural resource inventories:

  • Environmental Impact Statements (Including SEQRA and CEPA)
  • Wildlife, Fisheries and Herpetological Studies
  • Fish and Wildlife Service – Habitat Evaluation Procedures (HEP)
  • Rare and Endangered Species Surveys

Lakes, ponds and streams:

  • Pond and lake diagnostics
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pond design
  • Long-term pond management planning
  • Watershed evaluation and management
  • Point and non-point source pollution studies
  • Biotechnical stream bank and shoreline stabilization
  • Water quality surveys and monitoring
  • Macrobenthic surveys (rapid bioassessment protocols)
  • Aquatic plant and phytoplankton surveys
  • LANDTECH Environmental Site PlanningFisheries surveys
  • Wetted perimter analysis

Municipal permitting for:

  • Inland wetlands and watercourses
  • Planning and zoning
  • Subdivisions
  • Lake and pond dredging
  • Sewage disposal systems

State and federal permitting for:

  • Water Diversion
  • Army Corps of Engineers Section 401 Permits
  • Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permits
  • green lawns with viewStorm Water General Permits

Coastal permitting for:

  • Coastal Area Management (CAM) applications
  • Tidal wetland delineations
  • Structures, dredging and fill and tidal wetland applications
  • Certificate of Permission (COP) applications
  • Seawall applications (new and repairs)
  • Residential and commercial docks and marinas