Philip Johnson Glass House

New Canaan, Connecticut

The Glass House is a masterpiece of Minimalist Architecture, and one of the iconic works designed and built by legendary architect Philip Johnson. The main building looks out on beautifully landscaped grounds designed by Johnson and Whitney, with manicured walkways leading to focal points that connect various outbuildings and architectural "follies," including the Brick House, the Studio, Da Monsta, the Painting Gallery, Pavilion in the Pond and the Sculpture Gallery.

Each structure is a work of art in its own right. The properties feature remarkable collections of paintings and sculpture available for viewing. As a National Historic Landmark, the site attracts thousands of visitors each year.

philip johnson glass house approach with grounds

Completed in 1948, the New Canaan, Connecticut property has undergone extensive renovations over the years. Even world-renowned architects design houses that can, over time, develop structural or environmental problems. LANDTECH was honored when the National Trust for Historic Preservation reached out to us for help with groundwater issues that were causing damage.

philip johnson glass house facade


LANDTECH was brought on board to help resolve longstanding drainage problems that had been plaguing the Brick House, the structure on the property that once served as Johnson's private sleeping quarters, study and gallery space. Groundwater seepage, drainage issues and resulting moisture problems were threatening not only exterior surfaces, interior spaces and the art and furnishings on display, but the building's structural integrity.

phillip johnson glass house brick house grounds

LANDTECH's engineers and scientists developed a plan to remediate Philip Johnson's Brick House drainage issues, control humidity, and ensure a safe, dry environment that will allow this remarkable historic site to endure and continue to delight visitors and architectural enthusiasts for decades to come.

phillip johnson glass house brick house side

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  • Mark B. Schlemmer
  • Thomas Nemeskeri

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