Going 3-for-3

westport-rtmLANDTECH goes 3-for-3 in extra innings! Last night, as the Westport RTM played to overflow crowds, LandTech quietly went to bat for three clients and secured three approvals in three other hearings.

In one interesting case in New Canaan, LandTech showed that a homeowner can successfully combine lots to create one 9.5 acre parcel for a home, garage and apartment that will be environmentally friendly. There was concern about trees that need to be removed, but LandTech explained that over 550 existing, healthy trees will be left standing, another 550 new (and healthier) trees are being planted, and there will be over 4,000 trees and shrubs on the property, all selected by species, quantity and size to thrive in this habitat. In addition, LandTech also won approvals in Westport for an environmentally-friendly rain garden drainage system and a variance for a client with a foundation coverage concern.

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